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Pushkar is located in the Heart of Rajasthan(India). It’s a pilgrim destination for Domestic and European travelers. It has more than 500 temples including the only one temple in India dedicated to ‘Lord Brahma’ the Creator of the Universe.

It is written and spoken in Indian Mythology that after visiting all the Hindu Pilgrim towns and temples (Four Dhams), if Pushkar is not visited for Pooja then salvation is not achieved.

According to the Hindu calendar Pushkar Fair commences from Nawami (Ninth Moon) to Purnima (Full Moon) in the month of Kartika, which can be in October or November depends on the calendar, which goes with the moon.

Here one of the biggest Cattle Fair is held for trading purposes and the best cattles in all categories are awarded. Countless people in their colourful attire gather to take a dip in the Holy Lake and Pray to the Deities. The whole town comes alive with vibrant folk music and dances, magic shows, horse and camel races and various other traditional entertainment competitions.

Pushkar, with a dozen of local fairs and festivals of 10 –15 days duration is a round the year destination. It is mellowed by the great expanse of the Lake Water and perfume of the Jasmine and Rose Flowers. More than 5000 visitors from all over the world come to Pushkar everyday.

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